Chassis Cab trucks

If you’re set on a diesel powered truck, given the realities of the 2022 automotive market, it might be worth looking into chassis cab trucks. Chassis cab trucks are generally 1 ton or larger trucks that do not have a pickup bed. You need to purchase a frame separately in place of the pickup bed. It’s also possible to put a pickup bed on a chassis cab.

Given the current market realities, it’s unlikely you will find a 1 ton truck available that does not have a bunch of luxury options. Since you’re using your truck for business, you don’t want to be competing with buyers that are looking for a luxury ride to pull a giant recreation vehicle if you’re concerned about making money. Given the costs of diesel emissions maintenance and insurance, it makes sense to save money on the truck purchase where you can. Chassis cab models generally are only available in lower trims because they are exclusively intended for vocational use.

Keep in mind that you are limited to 26000 GCWR if you do not have a Commercial Driver’s License when evaluating which model of truck to buy because chassis cabs start at the top of the towing hauling capacity of full size pickups. It can be tempting to buy a much larger truck than you need when you consider how much more truck you can get versus a luxury 1 ton.

There are a huge number of chassis cab bodies configurations which include things like sleeping compartments, but you will probably want at the minimum a gooseneck body which start at $4000-$5000 brand new.

Combined with a gooseneck body, you can have a capable diesel tow pig for half the cost of a luxury 1 ton better suited to those hauling recreational vehicles, or let’s be honest, driving to the mall.

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