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  • Advanced Emissions Systems for Modern Diesels

    Anyone that has been in the market for a heavy duty truck since 2010 has probably heard a lot about emissions systems. The fact is, even gas engines have similar systems, but with diesels they seem to be less reliable and cost more. Although anyone that has had their catalytic converter stolen from their gasoline […]

  • Towing limits

    The exact limitations for towing in a particular situation depends heavily on the state and is at best ambiguous. It’s why you get the “tow police” in online forums, because where an answer can go either way, some will just jump in to argue for a little excitement in their life. For example, just about […]

  • Gasoline versus Diesel

    One of the biggest decisions that will effect the operation of your hotshot business (which will make a bigger difference in the particular make of truck you use) is the type of fuel to use for your truck. All heavy duty trucks are available with a powerful gasoline engines at much lower prices. Keep in […]

  • Chassis Cab trucks

    If you’re set on a diesel powered truck, given the realities of the 2022 automotive market, it might be worth looking into chassis cab trucks. Chassis cab trucks are generally 1 ton or larger trucks that do not have a pickup bed. You need to purchase a frame separately in place of the pickup bed. […]

  • Choosing a truck

    Dodge RAM 3500 This is the most popular choice for hotshot drivers. It is available with either a 6.4L gas V-8 or a 6.7 inline 6 Cummins diesel for a cool $10k more (or $13k for the high output version). We have an analysis of the gasoline versus diesel decision. The V-8 pairs with an […]

  • Guide to Hotshot Trucking

    Why hotshot? Given the current situation with the “supply chain” and the labor market in general in 2022, large trucking companies will take just about anyone on as a driver. A lot of people would tell you that it’s way smarter to just get a job as a driver for another trucking company. The biggest […]